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The Studio • Case Studies • FixnZip



FixnZip is the company behind an ingenious product called a slider. It replaces broken and damaged zippers without tools. They wanted to update their packaging labels and enhance their instructions on how to use the product.
Much of the preliminary direction was in place. They knew the labels sizes and wanted the overall color to be black. Giving consumers clear visual instructions on how to use the slider was also required.



Having the actual product shipped to us was a great asset in understanding the mechanics behind FixnZip's slider. Even the old label was provided to determine what works and what should be updated. The clear bag packaging reveals the actual product, but it could be quickly overlooked when hung among other merchandise at a retail store. The image of the zipper teeth was introduced to help enhance the products used in conjunction with a large, all capped, vibrant yellow-orange message of "ZIPPER REPAIR WITHOUT TOOLS, THREAD, OR NEEDLES."
This product is made in America. It was a significant element that needed to be promoted. It's also environmentally friendly. The slider can be reused over and over on many products, and thus saving zipper goods that a consumer might deem ruined and throw away. A green leaf icon was created to enforce it's simple, but essential "BE GREEN REUSE ME" call out.
The back and inside of the label needed visual directions. For the back, an edited version with details of the slider's use, warranty, and size determination was provided. The inside comprised of detailed instructions. By having the product in our hands, I could get a feel of how to illustrate the slider's usage in the best possible way. Chambers Studios had multiple people try the product based on the original directions. I requested feedback on their experience. From that information, we formulated step-by-step instructions that better conveyed the needs of the consumer.



FixnZip's new labeling, messaging, and the intuitive, simplistic directions of the slider have propelled the company into increased sales and interest. The label design has been standardized, being carried out on other media applications such as trade show booths, stickers, brochures, etc. FixnZip is now catching the eye of large retail distributors.

Fixnzip Case Study.
Phibro Case Study.

The Studio • Case Studies • Phibro



Within the confines of a swine facility, the enteric and respiratory disease can run ramped, spreading from one pig to the whole lot. Outbreaks affect a producer's time that stock goes to market and profit margin.
Phibro Animal Health specializes in animal pharmaceuticals. Being in a very competitive market place, Phibro wanted to aggressively promote their image and product lines to veterinarians, feed suppliers, and producers with the swine industry.


Phibro's focus was on the benefits of Mecadox® and Terramycin®. Mecadox is a broad-spectrum agent that protects against enteric disease while Terramycin defends against respiratory infection. It also promotes healthy growth.
Mailing lists from Phibro and third party sources were gathered targeting the demographic for the ad campaign. Information needed to be very precise in product measurement, usage, and benefits. It would be reviewed by the FDA. With a team of Phibro veterinarians working directly with experienced agricultural copywriters and graphic designers, a multi-ad direct mail campaign was developed.
The ad campaign consisted of a straight forward, to the point approach. The key was to create materials that were highly informative and rich in proven data and research. Numerous brochures were mailed, enforcing the brand and product information. A folder with pull-out categorized summaries and CD were provided to swine industry professionals as a tool to help explain the benefits to their potential clients.


During the ad campaign the FDA approved the usage of Mecadox/Terramyacin together. By being able to dose these products at the same time, it saved swine producers money. We now promoted the great cost savings of the combined usage of these products.

The Studio • Case Studies • Tempest Games



Amidst the recession, our client was up to the challenge of opening a new small business. The business would be a retail store for collectible card games, role-playing games, miniatures, and board games. The goal was two-fold. One, to launch the store before the Christmas shopping season and two, maintaining a steady flow of business throughout the year.



A large portion of fantasy-based games relies on visuals to invoke imagination. The brand identity reflects the style used in famous product lines such a Wizards of the Coast™ popular card game, Magic. To further strengthen this approach, we recommended an illustrative image be introduced to entice the audience also. An unofficial mascot was created with the "Dragon Rider."
Large Dragon Rider posters were generated with the theme message, "A Storm Is Coming...". A fun slogan was demonstrating the coming of the grand opening, the approach of something cool coming to town, and a statement of an "a storm" to tie in with the tempest theme within the logo. As a promotion, these posters we're provided for free to customers with purchases of fifty dollars or more. This was implemented in all advertising media.
A website was created to give customers a place to see quickly what products Tempest Games carried along with their services and location. Furthermore, the site provided an events calendar for the gaming community to come in the play tournament games with different products on specific dates. These events generated revenue by exposing players to games where they would buy products to "upgrade" their experience as they played.
The target audience range was from sixteen to early thirties. The primary focus was to be on games that appeal to the young adult on up. Full-page ads were distributed out in College newspapers, fliers, web banners, and bulletins. The placement was also inserted into local entertainment magazines.


Today, Tempest Games dominates the local market as the "go-to" store for specific gaming merchandise. They have weathered the competition, the economy, and the ever-changing gaming industry.

Tempest Games Case Study.
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