FixnZip is the company behind an ingenious product called a slider. It replaces broken and damaged zippers without tools. They wanted to update their packaging labels and enhance their instructions on how to use the product.
Much of the preliminary direction was in place. They knew the labels sizes and wanted the overall color to be black. Giving consumers clear visual instructions on how to use the slider was also required.



Having the actual product shipped to us was a great asset in understanding the mechanics behind FixnZip's slider. Even the old label was provided to determine what works and what should be updated. The clear bag packaging reveals the actual product, but it could be quickly overlooked when hung among other merchandise at a retail store. The image of the zipper teeth was introduced to help enhance the products used in conjunction with a large, all capped, vibrant yellow-orange message of "ZIPPER REPAIR WITHOUT TOOLS, THREAD, OR NEEDLES."
This product is made in America. It was a significant element that needed to be promoted. It's also environmentally friendly. The slider can be reused over and over on many products, and thus saving zipper goods that a consumer might deem ruined and throw away. A green leaf icon was created to enforce it's simple, but essential "BE GREEN REUSE ME" call out.
The back and inside of the label needed visual directions. For the back, an edited version with details of the slider's use, warranty, and size determination was provided. The inside comprised of detailed instructions. By having the product in our hands, I could get a feel of how to illustrate the slider's usage in the best possible way. Chambers Studios had multiple people try the product based on the original directions. I requested feedback on their experience. From that information, we formulated step-by-step instructions that better conveyed the needs of the consumer.



FixnZip's new labeling, messaging, and the intuitive, simplistic directions of the slider have propelled the company into increased sales and interest. The label design has been standardized, being carried out on other media applications such as trade show booths, stickers, brochures, etc. FixnZip is now catching the eye of large retail distributors.

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