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METHOD OF PAYMENT:  PayPal Invoicing for card payments (sent to you each month via email)  OR Check  Due on the 1st of Every Month.   A $30.00 fee will be applied to any returned checks.


TERMS:  Services will be rendered twice a month. Dealings with contractors are completely home owners responsibility. Yard Maintenance is to maintain the property in its current state while the owner is away.  Yard Maintenance does not cover removal of large debris or servicing yard work that requires heights. Debris must fit in your yard/trash bin. 


DISCLAIMER: This service is to look in on your property to convey it’s status and TRY to mitigated any issues. This service is NOT a replacement for property insurance and work done by licensed professionals.  This service is NOT responsible for any issues or damages that happen to the property.  This includes, but not limited to: weather, foilage health, structure, systems, wear and tear, faulty/worn parts, appliances, materials, theft, or any other aspects of your property.


WAIVER: The person signing this document represents the responsible party for the property listed in this document and hereby waive  any and all legal rights  against Clayton Chambers, House Sitter, and Chambers Studios for any injuries or damages that may occur.  

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