Within the confines of a swine facility, the enteric and respiratory disease can run ramped, spreading from one pig to the whole lot. Outbreaks affect a producer's time that stock goes to market and profit margin.
Phibro Animal Health specializes in animal pharmaceuticals. Being in a very competitive market place, Phibro wanted to aggressively promote their image and product lines to veterinarians, feed suppliers, and producers with the swine industry.


Phibro's focus was on the benefits of Mecadox® and Terramycin®. Mecadox is a broad-spectrum agent that protects against enteric disease while Terramycin defends against respiratory infection. It also promotes healthy growth.
Mailing lists from Phibro and third party sources were gathered targeting the demographic for the ad campaign. Information needed to be very precise in product measurement, usage, and benefits. It would be reviewed by the FDA. With a team of Phibro veterinarians working directly with experienced agricultural copywriters and graphic designers, a multi-ad direct mail campaign was developed.
The ad campaign consisted of a straight forward, to the point approach. The key was to create materials that were highly informative and rich in proven data and research. Numerous brochures were mailed, enforcing the brand and product information. A folder with pull-out categorized summaries and CD were provided to swine industry professionals as a tool to help explain the benefits to their potential clients.


During the ad campaign the FDA approved the usage of Mecadox/Terramyacin together. By being able to dose these products at the same time, it saved swine producers money. We now promoted the great cost savings of the combined usage of these products.

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