Amidst the recession, our client was up to the challenge of opening a new small business. The business would be a retail store for collectible card games, role-playing games, miniatures, and board games. The goal was two-fold. One, to launch the store before the Christmas shopping season and two, maintaining a steady flow of business throughout the year.



A large portion of fantasy-based games relies on visuals to invoke imagination. The brand identity reflects the style used in famous product lines such a Wizards of the Coast™ popular card game, Magic. To further strengthen this approach, we recommended an illustrative image be introduced to entice the audience also. An unofficial mascot was created with the "Dragon Rider."
Large Dragon Rider posters were generated with the theme message, "A Storm Is Coming...". A fun slogan was demonstrating the coming of the grand opening, the approach of something cool coming to town, and a statement of an "a storm" to tie in with the tempest theme within the logo. As a promotion, these posters we're provided for free to customers with purchases of fifty dollars or more. This was implemented in all advertising media.
A website was created to give customers a place to see quickly what products Tempest Games carried along with their services and location. Furthermore, the site provided an events calendar for the gaming community to come in the play tournament games with different products on specific dates. These events generated revenue by exposing players to games where they would buy products to "upgrade" their experience as they played.
The target audience range was from sixteen to early thirties. The primary focus was to be on games that appeal to the young adult on up. Full-page ads were distributed out in College newspapers, fliers, web banners, and bulletins. The placement was also inserted into local entertainment magazines.


Today, Tempest Games dominates the local market as the "go-to" store for specific gaming merchandise. They have weathered the competition, the economy, and the ever-changing gaming industry.

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